Hi this is my way of trying to share my experiences enjoying the sport of Fishing in general, but more importantly, Fly Fishing, but also doing so with the use of a Kayak. I currently have a Jackson Cuda kayak, and use various types and sizes of Fly Fishing equipment.

The name Not Drowning Wading, is a play on the name of an old Aussie band, Not Drowning Waving. So the name sort of reflects me a little, not to serious, with a love of 80’s Rock and Roll along with Fly Fishing.

I’m relatively new to Fly Fishing, and am in no way an expert. Having only started Fly Fishing in 2009, I have a lot to learn, but am at the stage where I can hold my own when casting, and manage to land a few fish at the same time.

So anyway, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy. Cheers Grego

If needed, please contact me at: gregREMOVE_SPAM@abfabearth.com

Obviously remove the REMOVE_SPAM


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