Bye Houston – for now anyway

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well the time has finally come, we are fully packed and just about to jump on the flight back to Oz.
Our time has been great in H-Town, and although we are happy to be going home, we will miss Houston and the USA.

For me it has been my long time wish to learn how to Fly Fish, and thanks to my time here, I have fore-filled that wish. My first time out with Dan from Castell Guide Services, was a the making of a Fly Fishing junky!! From there the bank balance has continued to get a hammering buying new rods, reels and flies, and also my new Jackson Cuda.

I must also send a note of thanks to Chris the Orvis Store Manager in Houston for supplying me with great advice, gear and a trip of a life time to the Blue Damsel Lodge in Montana, and to Robert from Matthews Custom Rods for supplying me with an awesome custom 4wt rod that I will treasure for a long time.

So everyone in Texas thanks again, and hope to see yowl soon.

Here’s the Cuda packed for the 10 week trip home


Oh and I had to post this. Only in Texas. This guys stopped at our Bottle Shop the other day to pick up a few kegs!! Good on ya mate.



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